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Wulan Guritno Make Up Inspiration

by Lola Martin
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Wulan Guritno is known as one of the most fashionable artists. Apart from dressing according to trends, Wulan Guritno always succeeds in applying make-up that suits her character and face shape. This is also what makes Wulan Guritno often praised by fans for his youth. Even though she is already 41 years old,

Wulan Guritno is able to look naturally beautiful and looks younger than her age. In addition to her healthy lifestyle that deserves thumbs up, Wulan Guritno is also smart in applying makeup and the clothes she wears. Thanks to this ability, he almost always looks good at various moments and events.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that many fans want to imitate the style of the cast of the film Jakarta vs Everybody, including in terms of make-up.

Wulan Guritno Make Up Inspiration

Wulan Guritno’s makeup style is certainly an inspiration for many people, especially fans. The good news is that many people can apply Wulan Guritno’s make-up, here’s the inspiration:

1. Choose a foundation according to skin color.

Wulan Guritno almost never appears with excessive make-up. Her face on the screen and on the big screen often looks natural, even as if no makeup had touched her. This can be achieved by applying makeup products according to facial skin color. One way is to choose the right foundation color.

Quoted from CXO foundation itself works like the base color of a canvas. If the basic color produced is good, then the color that will be produced from other makeup products will be good too. How to choose a foundation color that is suitable for the skin can be done by rubbing a small amount of product on the back of the hand or under the jaw. If the color of the foundation is even and the same as the skin color of the hands, then the color is suitable for use on the face.

2. Matte or dewy makeup results

Wulan Guritno has appeared several times in matte and dewy make-up. Both of these make-up results are equally popular in recent times. Quoted from Byrdie, there is something that needs to be considered before applying matte or dewy makeup, namely the condition of the face.

Matte results are considered suitable for oily skin, because matte makeup products are generally able to absorb facial moisture. Meanwhile, dewy makeup is more recommended for dry skin because it can make the face look more nutritious.

3. Smokey eye makeup

One of the charms of Wulan Guritno’s makeup is her deep eye makeup. This make-up gave Wulan a dignified and elegant impression. Deep eye makeup is also popularly applied by various world celebrities, such as Taylor Swift to Kristen Stewart.

Launching Allure, one way to apply deep eye makeup is to emphasize the eye line. This can be done by applying smokey colors to the lids, adding dimension to the outer corners, and defining the brows. In addition, the application of mascara curling can also be used to give volume and definition to the eyelashes.

4. Lipstick in nude color

Nude colored lipstick has become a trend in recent years. This lipstick color is also often used in Wulan Guritno’s make-up. Quoted from Bustle, nude lipstick is popular because it has a color that resembles the natural color of the lips.

This is why nude colors can give a more natural result than other lipstick colors. In addition, nude lipsticks are more easily adapted to various types of skin tones.

5. Proper application of bronzer and highlighter

Wulan Guritno has a slender face and a slender and sharp nose. Appearance like Wulan Guritno can be obtained by doing facial contouring. Still quoted from Byrdie contouring by applying a contour stick on the jawline, cheeks, forehead, and bridge of the nose.

This is done to reinforce the facial framework. Next, apply bronzer around the jawline and forehead, then highlighter over the nose and cheeks to add dimension.

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