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This ‘Holy Grail’ Makeup Removing Balm Sells a Jar Every 3 Seconds

by Chase Mitchell
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We switch up serums and other products we use depending on how our skin happens to be feeling — but the first step in any routine is always going to be a cleanser! We have a few staples we consistently reach for, but even the simplest step in our skincare routine can be upgraded to new heights when necessary.

This cleansing balm from BANILA CO may be just what we need to amplify our cleansing ritual. After all, a jar of this elixir reportedly sells every three seconds — so it’s certainly a product to keep an eye on! Intrigued, but not sure what it can add to your already-packed regimen? Read on for the scoop!

Turns out, there’s plenty that a balm as simple as this one can bring to the table — starting with how gentle it is on the skin. Many makeup removing products make our face feel a little rough afterwards. The process leaves our skin tight, dry and parched (a.k.a. totally dehydrated), which is where this balm differs from the pack.

The thicker and more hydrating consistency “melts” away makeup — including mascara and eyeliner! It does so while keeping your skin moisturized and ready for the next step in the cleansing process. You don’t have to follow up with an additional cleanser after using the balm, but we noticed many reviewers double-cleanse for maximum effect. Again, this completely depends on your skin’s needs.

This may be an incredible addition to your skincare lineup! After all, the balm was developed in Korea, and Korean skincare is all about leaving your skin looking naturally radiant and glowy. If this balm can help Us achieve the flawless skin of our dreams, we can’t wait to try it. Considering how many shoppers are obsessed, there must be something to it. A deeper clean is only a few clicks away!

Source : Us Weekly

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