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The Internet’s 6 Pettiest Fashion Gripes We Can’t Get Over

by Angel Woods
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Arguably one of the best things about the internet is its ability to unite strangers over the nichest of topics.

So, when one Twitter user called for others to share their pettiest fashion gripes, we couldn’t help but get caught up in the comment section.

From ’00s trends we hope never see the light of day again, to impractical manufacturing quirks that make no sense at all (we’re looking at you, false pockets), keep reading for our favourite submissions to the fashion gripes category.

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Arguably one of the most controversial fashions to emerge from recent decades, the jegging has been divisive since its inception.

2 / 10

But more than ten years on, we still can’t seem to shake the jeggings’ jeans-but-not-really-jeans influence entirely, from Bottega‘s faux-denim leather pieces on the FW22 runway to, more recently, a line of denim-looking loungewear by Zara.

3 / 10

Like the fake pocket, we can’t quite get our heads around the design mechanics of this one. Is it functional? Not entirely. Does it look good? Also not entirely.

4 / 10

Anyone who has worn a sports bra knows the unique brand of frustration that comes with trying to untangle the padding after a wash, with only the tiniest fabric opening available to manoeuvre your hand through.

5 / 10

Sportswear brands, we’re looking at you: why aren’t these sewn in place?

6 / 10

We have to agree with this one– there’s something uniquely frustrating about reaching into a pocket only to find there’s nothing actually there.

For years, we’ve wondered why certain companies insist on including fake pockets at all. And apparently, the answer dates back as far as the 17th century, when pockets were actually removable bags that could be clipped to whatever garment you chose.

Nearing the end of the 17th century, however, fashions changed, and slim skirts became the most desirable silhouette. With this change, designs were streamlined, with pockets switched out in favour of handbags instead.

7 / 10

These days, false pockets are often inserted into garments to give the look of practicality, without compromising its aesthetic profile.

What would you pick: form or function?

8 / 10

Unluckily for this user, peplum has been steadily creeping its way back into the fashionable zeitgeist in recent years.

Loved for its (supposed) versatility as a business-casual option AND a club-ready silhouette, the peplum style became a staple in the wardrobes of the ’00s most fashionable, from Selena Gomez to Kim Kardashian.

9 / 10

And while we’re glad to leave the garish peplum styles (complete with mini bandage skirts and Aztec necklaces) of previous decades in the past, we can’t help but welcome the chic iterations that A-listers have donned in recent months. From Nicole Kidman’s 2022 Oscars look, to Sophia Brown’s purple take (pictured), is the peplum set to dominate 2023, or should we leave the past in the past?

10 / 10

We have to second this user’s dislike for prints that don’t cover an entire garment.

Did they run out of the right fabric? Or is it a deliberate design choice?

Or, adding our own gripe to the chat, we think it’s arguably even worse when prints do cover the entire piece, but the pattern doesn’t match at the seams.

Source : Elle

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