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H&M Indonesia Boosts Productivity, Compliance, Employee Engagement, and Sustainability with YOOBIC

by Edwin Chambers
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H&M Indonesia today revealed outstanding results from its partnership with YOOBIC, the leading employee experience platform for frontline teams in the retail and hospitality spaces. Adopted across the global retailer’s more than 60 stores and 290 frontline staff in Indonesia, YOOBIC’s all-in-one solution has significantly elevated employee engagement, communication, and productivity, as well as enhancing efficiency, compliance, and sustainability.

Recognizing the considerable progress made since rolling out YOOBIC in 2022, H&M Indonesia received the coveted “Project Launch of the Year” title at this year’s YOOBIC Frontline Excellence Awards. The judges commended the retailer for achieving an impressive 99% user engagement rate and 97% compliance in operational, visual, and cash office standards since implementing the YOOBIC platform.

The adoption of YOOBIC’s comprehensive frontline employee experience platform has greatly improved communication within H&M Indonesia. With features like private messaging, video calls, and group chats, staff members can easily interact with each other, fostering a strong sense of community and teamwork. Social media-style newsfeeds further enhance this environment by providing a space for co-workers to share announcements, success stories, and sources of inspiration. Frontline staff can also use the platform to directly communicate with store managers and company leaders, sharing advice, concerns, and feedback.

Armed with YOOBIC’s unified digital platform, H&M Indonesia’s customer-facing staff also have the ability to automate and expedite manual tasks, enabling them to better manage their time and focus on higher value objectives, including building customer relationships. The clothing brand’s retail leaders, meanwhile, have hailed YOOBIC’s digitization of daily operations as a game-changer. Electronic checklists give store managers the ability to easily follow their team’s task completion, while the inclusion of real-time analytics and automated dashboards allows for the tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) and compliance by HQ, ensuring that shopper experiences consistently meet the highest standards across all locations.

YOOBIC’s extensive L&D capabilities have proved a hit with H&M Indonesia as well, bolstering the company’s dedication to ongoing employee growth. Store leaders can now seamlessly integrate training into their team members’ workflows, delivering interactive courses directly to their mobile devices in easily digestible chunks. This microlearning approach is enriched with data, providing managers with comprehensive insights into their employees’ progress and needs.

“With YOOBIC, we’ve been able to harness frontline digitization and real-time analytics to solve a number of stubborn operational challenges, including difficulties around communication, productivity, compliance, and training,” said Karina Soegarda, Communications Manager, H&M Indonesia. “YOOBIC’s digitization of manual processes has also allowed us to cut paper usage by 30%, boosting our company-wide commitment to greater sustainability.”

“Through real-time data sharing and digital task management, H&M Indonesia boosted productivity, launched 25 campaigns in six months, and elevated decision-making with analytics, all while making a significant reduction to paper usage,” said YOOBIC’s Paul Mabire, Head of Sales, APAC. “We’re proud to partner with a brand so committed to operational excellence and employee engagement — we can’t wait to keep innovating together!”

YOOBIC’s collaboration with H&M Indonesia is an important element of the company’s wider expansion strategy in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. According to the CBRE Asia-Pacific Retail Flash Survey report of January 2023, 71% of APAC retailers are planning to expand or open new stores this year. By 2025, retail sales in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand are projected to reach $1.77 trillion, positioning the region as the fourth-largest global market by 2050.

YOOBIC stands ready to support APAC’s retail boom, providing a mobile-friendly and digitally-enabled workplace experience that enables retail staff to excel while fostering engagement and loyalty. YOOBIC’s comprehensive platform for frontline employee experience has been extensively tested and proven successful in hundreds of thousands of retail stores worldwide. Constantly evolving with product innovations and incorporating new technological features including AI features, YOOBIC effectively drives frontline employee communication, training, and operations, meeting the evolving needs of the industry.

Source: Retail News Asia

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