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Getting to Know Korean Spa Makes Skin Smooth and Bright

by Lola Martin
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Makeup and skincare from South Korea are certainly no strangers to Indonesian people. Moreover, in the market there are various beauty products from the ginseng country.

But what about Korean spa treatments? Well, The Mercy Clinic has a superior treatment, namely Korean Spa. Jennifer Faizal, Founder of The Mercy, said that Korean Spa is currently booming worldwide.

“Customers are invited to be able to experience a spa sensation that is new, unique, and different from other spas,” he said.

Korean Spa is a Korean Scrub treatment using towels that come directly from the country of ginseng, namely Korea. A special towel called Ddae Soogun functions to exfoliate the skin more optimally so that the skin is smoother, cleaner and brighter.

“The body will also be more relaxed when it is massaged in the style of Korean massage by our professional therapists,” he explained.

Customers will be invited to do the sauna first, to open the skin pores, then scrubbing with Ddae Soogun by the therapist.

Then the customer will also be given a special scrub, and the body will be lubricated with pure milk to moisturize and brighten the skin. Not only the body, but the hair will also be washed by our therapists. Feel the freshness after Korean Spa, from head to toe.

“The specialty of doing Korean Spa at The Mercy Clinic is that each customer has one separate towel, which is the towel used, not used for other customers. The Mercy Clinic always takes care that every product used by customers is always hygienic, sterile and uses the best ingredients,” said Jennifer.

Not only Korean spas, Mercy Clinic is a beauty clinic with the concept of One Stop Beauty Clinic & Beauty House established in 2014, with various types of beauty treatments consisting of; plastic surgery & aesthetic treatment, dental treatment, and beauty laboratory.

Jennifer said that The Mercy Clinic is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive premium aesthetic care that is safe and of high quality, supported by modern equipment and experienced specialist doctors, who always provide the latest innovations. Currently, The Mercy Clinic has two city branches, namely Jakarta and Balikpapan.

“The best investment is in ourselves. Our decision today, to take care of ourselves so that we always look beautiful, healthy, will never make us regret it. 20 years, 30 years from now, we will be grateful for our decision today to invest in ourselves by taking care of ourselves,” he said.

Source : Fimela

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